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ike tracks of the thieves pursiied them and having found out
their hiding place attacked them. In the fight that ensued,
people were killed 011 both the sides. The surviving members
of the Arakoti family sent information to their village, and their
women-folk came and fell into the fire-pit. Their likenesses
are carved 011 stones which have acquired the name vlrulu
ever since. The valley is called V$rla~paya and people visit
the place to fulfil their vows* During the administration of
this Matla Anantaraja, a village was built in the fields of
AUidona, and it was significantly named Vimlapura.
Katyyat of Attidona: L.£. 1, pp. 144-5 ; Mac. Mts. 15-3-57, pp, 34-35.
" My grandfather having stayed for sometime longer at
Vijayanagara accompanied that Venkatacaryulu to Penugonda,
where he went to perform a sraddka. He paid him 4 varahas
and obtained the copper-plate charter. While he was passing
alone, on his return journey, through the Kadireppa-Nayani
Pass, he was attacked by a highway-man who struck him
(with a sword) on the crown, of his head, and relieved him of
the money which was about his person. While he was attempt-
ing to wrest from him the copper-plate charter, my grand-
father who recovered his consciousness in the interval threw
him down, and strack him dead with sharp stones. Damana-
cervu Eamisetti, who was returning from the Ghats with a
train of bullocks laden with bags of areca nuts, came upon the
scene and made enquiries of him. My grandfather explained
to him how he had killed the robber who attacked him.
The merchant who was very much struck by his bravery
mounted him on one of the bullocks and carried him outside
the pass where he had the wound sewn with silken thread and
properly dressed. Then he took him to his village Damanacerla,
and having nursed him back to health for three months, he
him home with an escort,
Jfaijlya* ofAltMeĽai Mac. Mst. l$-3-$7, pp. 34-$